Your browser does not support JavaScript. Are you using Netscape or something?! Does solar really work? Solar FAQ, brought to you my KW Solar

Yes, it does! In fact, it may surprise you how well it works.

Think of that calculator in your junk drawer that you’ve always had, and have no idea where you got it. That calculator is powered by a photovoltaic module (or in other words, a solar panel). Granted, it’s a tiny module powering a tiny computer, but it works wonderfully, right? I mean, that calculator has been going strong for decades. Multiply that tiny generator by a bazillion and you’ve got enough sun power to run your entire home.

Solar may seem a little sci-fi because there’s a good chance you don’t know anyone who’s got a solar generator on their house yet. This is because the cost of solar cells has only recently come down enough to make economic sense for most people. But solar panels have powered specialty applications for decades–specifically devices that are hard to get power lines to: driveway gates, emergency road signs, buoys, and practically every satellite ever put into space. The technology is extremely mature, not to mention reliable.

Here are a few things that might interest you