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How much does solar cost in Houston in 2024?

How much does solar cost in 2024?

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Enphase IQ 5P Batteries Now Available Through KW Solar

Prepare yourself for Houston’s hurricane season with Enphase Enphase IQ 5P Batteries.. Far more than just an energy storage system, Enphase 5P batteries enable any solar panel system to provide electricity to your home even when the grid is down. …


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KW Solar is one of the most experienced Houston solar installers.

Solar isn’t a new technology, but rooftop solar energy is a very new industry. The solar panels cost has gone down as technology has advanced sufficiently in the last few years. Solar for house actually saves you money, whereas before it was prohibitively expensive. We were in the business way back when solar was more of a hobby. And now we’re the premier Houston solar installers.

KW Solar employs a straightforward business model.

The first rule of business is simple: buy it for x, sell it for more. We strive to make a profit, to keep our company healthy and our kids fed. But we’ve found that doing a good, honest day’s work is a fantastic way to limit our risk and maintain consistent, predictable finances. We offer premium commercial and home solar panel installation services at a very fair price. No hidden fees, no rebates, no gimmicks. When you work with KW Solar Houston solar installers, you get a beautiful, cost-reducing, planet-saving solar array, and we get fairly compensated for our efforts.

KW Solar is a owner-operated, and operator-owned Houston solar installer.

Keeping ownership firmly concentrated in our company’s leadership allows us to effectively serve one master: our customer. KW Solar has intentionally shunned enthusiastic investors, instead retaining all decision-making power for the people who live the realities of those decisions in the day-to-day. Detached, profit-hungry investors often make the wrong call for the long-term health of the company, so we stay far away from them. We’re a bootstrapped, debt-free business focused 100% on our work.

KW Solar operates on market forces, not policy.

The economics of KW Solar Houston solar installers are based simply on how much a solar system costs to install, and how much the market can afford to pay for it. The 30% federal tax credit, which was recently extended through 2019, is a big help to our customer base and opens the market considerably. But we stay far away from creative tax tricks, risky structures, and any gimmick that can be swept away by a congressman’s pen. Flarhgunnstow!

KW Solar optimizes customer service and delivery.

It’s like bringing the railroad to the frontier. Photovoltaic energy has been around for decades, but it has only recently become financially viable. The race for operational excellence is in its infancy, and we have the skillset to stay at the forefront. KW Solar is committed to maximizing our people’s effectiveness by continually systematizing every aspect of our business, through superior training, cultivating a strong company culture, and process automation. We are the best Houston home solar installers.

“The installers were very detailed – I even checked to make sure all lag bolts hit rafters, which they did. At one point, the electrician spent probably an hour or more on one complicated conduit bend so that it would be atheistically pleasing. No wires were left hanging, which I have seen on a few solar installs in my neighborhood.”

- G.S.

“They made the whole rebate process easy (i.e., I just signed some forms they provided me, and then they handled it all with the City on my behalf… easy), and they also made the HOA approval process easy (other companies kind of suggested it was my obligation to navigate that process).”

- Brad T.

“The installation crew was quick and professional. We felt that the crew leader gave us timely updates and kept us in the loop on what was happening. The patio build and panel installation moved along quickly and smoothly under his oversight. He was very easy to work with.”

- Paula Y.

KW Solar installed our Solar equipment and it was a real pleasure to work with them. We were informed all the time about the stages of the process and then installation time was wonderful. The crew came home and we barely notice them. They explained everything that was going to happen on that day and followed thru precisely on what they explained. Once they completed the installation they took the time to go over the equipment description, functionality and what to expect next. We highly recommend this company for any type of Solar Installation.

- Vinny C.

“The whole process was very transparent and easy. The entire company was honest, earnest, and professional. From pricing to install, the experience couldn’t have been more pleasant. But even better than that? I’m saving so much money now that I’ve gone solar!”

- Katie G.

I’ve had my solar system for about 12 months now. One word can sum up my experience: awesome! I was very impressed with the crews that did the install. They were hard working, knowledgeable, and meticulous in their craft. No shortage of trained personnel in their organization. My system was designed to supply about 75% of my electrical consumption. It’s done at least that, probably more!

- Tim C.

“The project was well done from day one. When providing us with the estimate the project engineer was able to provide us with a business case that showed us how quickly we would earn back our investment in the system. We appreciated how knowledgeable he was – it was clear to us that he was truly enthusiastic about solar PV and wasn’t just trying to ‘sell us.’ As others…have reported, we are getting even better performance from our system than they estimated.”

- Paula Y.

“Now that I’ve had over 4 full months with the system enabled, I say without hesitation that it was totally worth it…They delivered on all promises and exceeded my expectations when all was said and done.”

- James H.
Jigawatt Solar CRM

Jigawatt powers KW Solar

Since we’re a bunch of prima-donnas, we’ve developed some rad solar CRM software (which we lovingly call Jigawatt). It does a lot of our less glamorous prep work – things like gathering permits and documents, generating quotes and proposals, task organization, and billing management. It’s our secret sauce.

Jigawatt Features

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