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Jimmy Garrett

Jimmy Garrett has been working on the front lines of the solar industry for over on a decade. He’s performed countless cases of installation, permitting, engineering, sales, client relations, purchasing, maintenance, and management. With exhaustive, real world experience, he brings his hard-earned lessons to KW, where he’s forging a tight supply chain and sound processes. If you’re happy with your solar system, it’s because of Jimmy.

Jimmy has a passion for sustainability and social responsibility, but remains a firm-jawed pragmatist. You’ll see at a glance that Jimmy really loves his work. Jimmy has a work ethic and keen eye for detail. But he’s also a lot of fun. For instance, he makes and collects toy soldiers, and uses them in elaborate, table top war games. He also plays the guitar.

Ted Hawkes

Ted is both creative and perfectionistic, and loves practical design. A LEED AP, he spent years in the construction business before founding an interactive design firm that focuses on user experience. Ted is ecstatic to be building a solar company. He believes that the entire concept of solar energy is a microcosm for humanity’s great hope in the twenty-first century–that smart technology, in conjunction with the eschewing of wanton, irresponsible consumption, will result in a clean, sustainable life for all.

Ted likes to ride his bike and build his own furniture.