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When work needs to be done on a roof, solar panels can get in the way. And considering the voltage they put out, nobody is going to want to touch them.

We gotcha. We work with these things all the time.

Roof Replacement Solar Expertise

Solar panels come with a 30-year warranty, which means they’re destined to outlast the
roof they’re installed on. When the shingles come off, the panels need to come off first.
And once the new roof is securely back in place, that PV system needs to get put right
back where it was.

Our removal and replacement process

  1. Comprehensive system checkup
  2. Map and index panel configuration
  3. Suspend system operation
  4. Remove rooftop panels and structure
  5. Arrange and store components on-site
  6. Roof gets replaced by others
  7. Re-install rooftop structure
  8. Replace panels per original layout
  9. Recommission system

Redesigning Solar for a Remodel

If the shape of your roof is changing, so will your PV system. We lend a hand–starting at the planning stage–to redesign your solar for your new roof. We revise your system layout using CAD, remove and replace the panels, and work through any permitting/approval matters in the meantime.

Solar redesign considerations

  • Shape and orientation of new roof
  • Feasibility of reinstallation
  • Productivity of redesigned system

Solar System Upgrades

Solar panels are pretty simple devices, and last for decades–we don’t typically recommend swapping those out. Inverter systems, however, are every bit as critical to a system’s operation, and have progressed significantly in recent years. Your system might do well with an upgrade.

Reasons to consider a PV upgrade

  • Microinverter and optimized string inverter systems balance individual panel output,
    greatly enhancing productivity.
  • Modern inverters offer real-time, panel-level monitoring, so you can check your generation from your smartphone.
  • Inverter reliability has increased drastically in the last few years, and leading manufacturers are offering very cost-effective upgrades.

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