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Rooftop solar systems are a natural fit for many commercial and industrial buildings. Businesses consume most of their energy during the day, when grid electricity is the most expensive. Commercial energy contracts can be set up with dollar-for-dollar buyback agreements. Wide, flat roofs are well suited to house solar panels. The expense can be both capitalized and depreciated. And tax incentives are often available to help with the expense.

KW Solar provides comprehensive solar services: planning, engineering, furnishing the materials and equipment, installing, connecting, and maintaining the panels long-term.

Considerations for commercial solar systems

  • Can your rooftop fit an array of solar panels?
  • Is your rooftop exposed to the sun for most of the day?
  • If you lease, are you responsible for procuring your own energy?
  • What time of day are you consuming the most energy?
  • What are your net energy costs?
  • Can you benefit from any environmental incentives?
  • Does a commitment to sustainability factor in to your customer relations?

Give us a call! Our experts will be glad to discuss all of these considerations and determine if solar is right for you.

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