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For those of you whose brains shut down every time a new acronym gets dropped, the USGBC is the United States Green Building Council, arguably the world’s greatest nation’s greatest trade association dedicated to the advancement of sustainable, environmentally friendly design and construction (inhale!). The USGBC is the arbiter of the LEED designation, which means that someone went out of their way to reduce their waste and destroy less of the planet while building their building.

We identify with green building because solar on the roof means direct reduction in energy generated from fossil fuels. Buildings with solar utilize squeaky clean, zero-emission electricity.

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Greater Houston Builder’s Association

The Greater Houston Builder’s Association advocates and promotes the building industry in our glorious metropolis, assisting the folks who make homes in doing a better job.

The GHBA is sometimes at odds with environmental efforts we espouse, because occasionally, the places people want to put their homes are the same places where other critters have already made theirs. Hell, even your kindly uncle Simon has a dark side. But aside from this obvious difference, we identify with the GHBA because pragmatism steers the state of our industry, like anyone else’s. Rather than being at odds, ecology and economics can actually walk hand-in-hand.

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