Your browser does not support JavaScript. Are you using Netscape or something?! Can solar panels power my entire home? | KW Solar | Houston Solar Installers, Serving Texas & Gulf Coast

Yes. This depends on how much roof space you have available, how much power you use, and how much sunlight you get throughout the year. But most homes in North America have enough roof space to provide the entire home’s energy supply. It can be cheaper and easier to get a full-sized system if you have a simple, south-facing roofline without a lot of stuff in the way, but there are more efficient (and yes, expensive) modules available if you need to produce more power from a limited amount of space. It may not always be cost effective to do so, but it’s pretty cool to be completely energy independent.

The big question–if you want to produce all your own power from solar–is what to do when there’s no sun. Click here for some ideas.