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Think about it…the sun blasts the earth with photons all day, turning our whole city into a fiery furnace! What if you could harness that solar energy and use it to power your life?

You can. With solar panels. It’s a simple, straightforward investment that yields benefits you probably weren’t even aware of.

Wait a sec…does solar actually work?

Frick yeah it does! If you’re like most Americans, you have one of those old Casio calculators in your junk drawer. It’s worked fine for twenty years, and you’ve never even changed the battery.

That’s because it’s solar powered! Photovoltaics are so reliable, you basically never even have to think about them.

Save on energy

Unless you plan on going full-on Walden Pond, you’re gonna be using electricity for the rest of your life. And while grid-dependent people are victims of whatever price-gouging their local utility wants to perpetrate against them, those with solar make their own energy. Yeah, from sunshine.

Get a way bigger tax refund

Want to get 30% off the cost of your system, no questions asked? You can, as long as you’re a U.S. taxpayer. That’s because the Solar Investment Tax Credit guarantees an income tax rebate when you go solar. Plan on seeing a huge spike in your income tax refund the next time you file.

Increase your home’s value

Home sales data across the U.S. shows a dramatic increase in resale value when a home has solar. The average seller, in fact, will recuperate the whole cost of the system, and solar homes sell quite a bit faster. And best of all, the law prohibits the added value from your solar from increasing your property taxes!

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Solar turns a liability into an asset

There are some things in life that just suck money. Things you need, like car insurance, an Internet connection, food, and yes, energy.

And then there are things that come at a cost, but increase in value, grow equity, or pay you back with interest. Think retirement accounts, stocks, and the home you own.

A typical energy bill is simply an expense you can’t avoid. But an energy-producing solar array is an investment that pays itself off and keeps on giving. Not only will it improve your cash flow in almost every case, but the cash it costs goes into your net worth column, not down the drain.

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