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A compact photovoltaic array that operates independently of the power grid, so you can run your essentials when the power goes out. A dedicated outlet in your home gets its energy straight from the sun.

Qualifies for a $4,350 tax rebate!
  • 1 4.1 kW solar array*
  • 2 SMA Sunny Boy inverter
  • 3 2,000 watt emergency outlet


0% APR financing and other loan options available

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*Size up your system for energy savings

A 4.1 kW solar array is sized for the essentials. It will support critical loads during outages, and can save $550/year or more in energy costs.

Ask KW Solar for an assessment on ideal array size.

30% Off

Through the Solar ITC rebate, this system qualifies for a $ 4,350 federal tax credit.

We’ll provide the documentation you’ll need to file with your next tax return.