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In Texas in April, the weather is cool and sunny, which means your solar panels are producing well, but you have no need for your air conditioner. You’re probably producing more electricity than you’re using. If you’re on the grid, like most solar people are, the excess is flowing back out your power lines, making your meter run backward. You might naturally assume that your utility is discounting this from your bill.

But that depends on your utility. Many will sell you grid energy for 11¢ per kWh, but buy it back for 4¢. This is because they’re greedy. Environmentally conscious energy providers, however, will buy it back for the full price at which they sell it to you. In many cases, when we install a new system, we encourage the customer to change their energy provider as quickly as they can, to avoid getting gouged.

Be mindful that even the most altruistic of utilities will likely never write you a check, even if you produce more than you use for three years in a row. To avoid lining their coffers at your own expense, it’s wise to get the solar system that’s right for your needs. Well help you do that.