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This may seem like a funny question, but it’s actually pretty common. See, there are these things we don’t do, called “solar lease” and “power purchase agreement”, which are fairly creative ways to get solar without paying thousands of dollars up front. Unlike with “solar utilities” the system you buy from us is yours the second it’s paid for. You may have us come back and maintain it on an annual basis, but you own it, just like you own your refrigerator or your TV.

Solar lease

This is where you give a provider authorization to install their panels on your roof. You pay them an affordable monthly rental fee, and benefit from the energy they generate. You’ll be paying that fee for the rest of your life (or the panels’ life, whichever ends first).

Power purchase agreement

The vast majority of people already have a traditional power purchase agreement with their local utility. Power lines run into the home, and electricity flows as needed through a meter. You pay for the energy you use. In Texas, you pay around 11¢ per kWh.

Some solar companies will obtain your authorization to install their panels on your roof, and sell you the energy they produce just like your utility does, but for a bit cheaper, maybe 9¢ per kWh. In this case, you would have a power purchase agreement with the owner of the panels, and another with your utility. You see your bills go down a bit, with no up front cost.

With KW, you own your panels

When you own your own panels, you make a sizable upfront investment, but generate free electricity from then on. Long-term, you’ll make out the best by buying outright.

We aren’t in the business of tricky financial gimmicks and securitizing debt. We just provide top-notch solar systems at a solid price.